Friday, May 8, 2009

Want to feel S-M-R-T smart?

Then go to Yahoo! Answers.

No, srsly. Back when I was unemployed and inevitably on my laptop all day, I started reading (and god help me, answering) a few of these questions. It wasn't on purpose, like I said to myself, "Hey, you know what sounds like fun? Reading some idiotic questions for a few hours!" But there are only so many times you can check the jobs on craigslist and before you really need something like Yahoo! Answers to make you feel like maybe you don't have it all that bad, after all. Case in point: I could have been like Bethany here...

This is of course one of those questions that you suspect is a joke in sheep's clothing, but then again.... The dead giveaway is when the winning answer is the biggest smartass.

Then there are questions like these:

Is there something wrong with my KITTENS? PICS OF THEM?

*[pic of perfectly normal kittens linked - one is a tabby, the other b&w]*

this is my kittens why is it that the one on the right is the colour of all the rest of them which is 4 all together and the one on the left is the odd one out and he is massive why is he black and white? should we take him vets has he got a desise?

Additional Details

they are one month old

[Sorry, I tried to do a screenshot but it's too huge...]

I especially like the fact that this astute seeker of knowledge thought it was important to note their age. In fact, that is the one thing that makes it seem almost real...until they overplayed their hand and spelled disease incorrectly, yet "white" and "colour" are spelled correctly. That is, assuming they are Canadian or British. I dunno. The jury is still out on this one.

I will refrain commenting on the INSANE number of "Am I Pregnant OMGLOLZ1!!!" questions out there, as well as the equally large number of ways to say "OMG U shld srsly take a TEST LOL!!!" Okay, so I just commented by mentioning it. But let us never speak again of the "TTC" category of YA. Really, it's for the best, punkin. *pats hand*

Anyone got any favorite Q&As from Yahoo Answers, or a similar source?

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